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Residential Services

QUEST Services, Inc. Residential Services

QSI is a “people first” agency providing people with an array of choices, services, supports, and opportunities.  QSI complements the dignity, respect, and self-worth of each person, providing services based on individual needs and preferences.

These services maybe provided in an apartment setting, in a small group home, or a group home with up to five other people.  We tailor each home to the people living in that home.

Our residential services include awake nighttime staff, 24-hour-a-day nursing availability, and a dietary consultant.   Staff assistance is provided to each individual based upon their specific needs.  Our homes are located in a wide range of locations, therefore, allowing a choice of city dwellings, or small town comfort.

QSI makes every effort to accommodate special requests, preferences, and lifestyle choices.  Each home is truly home, a regular home in common neighborhoods, a comfortable setting with personal touches, relaxed routines, and home cooked meals, where friends and family are always welcome.

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