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Day Services

QUEST Services, Inc. Day Services

The goal of Day Services is to maintain or increase adaptive capabilities, independence, integration, and participation in the community.   Day Services may include working on skills to assist the person in gaining paid employment, or they maybe more recreational in nature focusing on enhancing the person’s quality of life through activities, community outings, and socializing with friends.

QSI Day Services strives to promote a sense of participation, accomplishment, personal reward and contribution for each person in our program.   This is accomplished through attention to each person’s preferences, likes and dislikes, and lifestyle choices.  Every consideration is taken to ensure the person is allowed to experience the activities that bring them happiness, enrichment, and personal satisfaction and accomplishment.

Specific activities are varied depending on the person, however, a few regular activities are trips to the zoo, library, mall, parks, picnics, arts and crafts, reading, participation in community holiday events, and publication of the agency newsletter.

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